Josh Simpson’s sweetly struck shot into the top corner of Burkina Faso’s net was the undisputed highlight of Day 8 at the FIFA World Youth Championship UAE 2003. FIFA’s Technical Study Group (TSG) also picked out Justin Mapp’s surging run and simple finish for the USA against Côte d’Ivoire.

Gabriel Calderon (ARG): “A superb goal”

"The Play of the Day was without doubt the Canadian goal against Burkina Faso. Iian Hume picked up an apparently lost ball and sped off down the right hand side avoiding the close attentions of the Burkinabe defenders right up to their penalty area. He then swung a handsome 30 metre cross over to team-mate Josh Simpson at the far post. There, the number 15 struck a sweet shot home into the opposite top corner. It was a superb goal in every sense of the word."

Chief A.O. Onigbinde (NGA): “Precision-like”

It was an exciting end-to-end start with both team having chances to score.Suddenly, after a superb defence-splitting pass, the number 3 (Justin Mapp)burst through the defence, shrugged off a defender and as the keeperapproached, he simply side-footed it, precision-like, into the corner. Yes,there was many other other good moves but that solo effort was the pick forme.

What is the TSG?:

When does a deflected shot become an own goal? At what point does a good pass become an assist? What are the objective facts that lead to the nomination of a "Man of the Match" at a FIFA World Cup™ match? Such questions are meat and drink to the TSG, or Technical Study Group, a prestigious phalanx of some of soccer's top technicians. Their mission: to dissect the most effective tactical plans and latest advances in the game in order to transmit them to the world.
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Members of the TSG in UAE:

Abu Dhabi: Gabriel Calderon (ARG), Jean-Paul Brigger (FIFA), JurgNepfer (FIFA)
Dubaï: Chief A.O. Onigbinde (NGA), Kalil Al-Zayyani (KSA)
Al Ain: Horst Kriete (GER)
Sharjah: Alvin Corneal (TRI)