A stunning first-half display by on-song Argentina and an equally superb team goal by impertinent Australia were the Plays of the Day for FIFA’s Technical Study Group (TSG) on another thrilling matchday at the FIFA World Youth Championship UAE 2003.

Alvin Corneal (TRI): “Quality football”

"Such was the quality of Argentina’s football in the first 45 minutes against Argentina, it is hard for me to pick out one move. That first half was the best display of football we have seen here in Sharjah since the start of the group games. The whole time got involved in building attacks by way of accurate, efficient and intelligent passing.Leandro Fernández’s performance should be mentioned because for a defender, he is one fine striker ! For the second goal, scored by Germán Herrera, he got into the opposing penalty box in imposing fashion."

Chief Onigbinde (NGA): “A superb all-round effort”

Australia's second goal really was a superb all-round effort. The ball was played up to number 10 (Alex Brosque), who was acting as the only striker today. He did a mighty fine job holding up the play and waiting for his midfielders to catch up. He made out to go one way - you see all the defenders moved in that direction - but switched the ball to his other side and set up the number 16 (Dustin Wells). The boy gave the ball a real smack, it hit the post and hit the keeper and the first to pounce was the number 12 (Anthony Danze) to score the goal. It was great combination play from Australia - a real matchwinner!

What is the TSG?:

When does a deflected shot become an own goal? At what point does a good pass become an assist? What are the objective facts that lead to the nomination of a "Man of the Match" at a FIFA World Cup™ match? Such questions are meat and drink to the TSG, or Technical Study Group, a prestigious phalanx of some of soccer's top technicians. Their mission: to dissect the most effective tactical plans and latest advances in the game in order to transmit them to the world.
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Members of the TSG in UAE:

Abu Dhabi: Gabriel Calderon (ARG), Jean-Paul Brigger (FIFA), JurgNepfer (FIFA)
Dubaï: Chief A.O. Onigbinde (NGA), Kalil Al-Zayyani (KSA)
Al Ain: Horst Kriete (GER)
Sharjah: Alvin Corneal (TRI)