Germany's players are having to become accustomed to life in the media spotlight after earning their place in the FIFA World Youth Championship Netherlands 2005 quarter-finals.

Marvin Matip's last-gasp goal in the 3:2 win over China in the round of 16 has catapulted him into the realms of fame and made him a familiar face on German television back home.

For Matip, a shy and unassuming player, all the attention is flattering, but he laughs with embarrassment when asked what it feels like to be a hero these days.

The 19-year-old defender said: "I don't think I am some kind of hero just because I scored in the last minute. I am just the lucky one who gets the credit for all the hard work of the team leading up to the goal.

"Giving interviews to TV and the press is a new experience for me, but it's good one because there will be a lot more media interest at my new club FC Cologne.

"It doesn't put any extra pressure on me though… that comes from within the team and within each player. If you reach the quarter-final of a tournament, you put pressure on yourself to go as far as you possibly can."

Bring on the Brazilians
For Matip, it doesn't come much bigger than taking on Brazil, though he says he is relishing the prospect of their meeting at the Willem II Stadium in Tilburg on Friday night.

"It's great to be facing a team like Brazil because they are the defending champions," he said. "We have watched them three times, but anything is possible over 90 minutes. Why shouldn't a German U-20 team beat a Brazilian U-20 team? I see no reason."

German team-mate Marcell Jansen agrees and he said: "It's a very big tournament with a lot of German and international press focussing on what we do, but I am used to this pressure because I play in the Bundesliga.

"It's good to be playing against Brazil now because if you want to go all the way to the final, some time or other you have to face a big team like that and we have every chance to win. Brazil is a very big name and you don't have to get motivated for this match. It's Brazil, so you have to give 100% if you want to win. 

No more mistakes
"I don't think we were lucky to win the China game because the two goals we gave away were a little bit stupid, but the team came back in a good way and got the winning goal. I had two big chances to score myself, though I didn't take them.

"From game to game we have to get better and we cannot allow ourselves to make those same mistakes again."

For Matip, he also feels Germany deserve their place in the last eight after twice coming from behind to beat China 3-2 in the second round.

"It was clear to me that we would win against China over 90 minutes, despite giving away two goals that were almost like own goals because of silly fouls.

"When it was 2-2, we gradually got more and more control of the match and both teams were running out of fuel by the end. Whoever got the third goal was obviously going to win, but I think we had the better chances to score," he added.

If those chances come against Brazil, both players clearly have the steely determination to take them this time round and all the hassle of doing television interviews will be worth if it means Germany are in next week's semi-finals as a result.