The 1,000th goal in the history of the FIFA World Youth Championship is almost certain to fall in Wednesday's semi-finals in Kuching and Shah Alam.

So far, exactly 999 goals have been scored in the two editions of the World Youth Tournament (1977 and 1979) and the nine editions of the Championship (since 1981).

With the Kuching semi-final between Argentina and Ireland kicking-off at 4.30 p.m. on Wednesday, and the Shah Alam game between Uruguay and Ghana at 8.30, the first goal of the day will go into the record books.

FIFA has decided that the player marking this historic goal will be allowed to keep the ball with which it is scored.

The halfway mark to the "millenium" came in the 1989 Championship in Saudi Arabia, when Nigeria's Christopher Ohenhen scored the 500th goal.