A total of 138 yellow and nine red cards were produced in the 36 matches of the first round of the FIFA World Youth Championship for the Coca-Cola Cup.

Of the nine red cards, seven were the result of two yellow cards in the same match. Only two were direct red cards (Gerard of Spain and Vinicius of Brazil).

In the 32 matches of the 1995 FIFA/Coca-Cola Cup in Qatar, there were 163 yellows and 28 reds, while the figures for Australia 1993 were 116 and 10 respectively.

"We are very pleased with the sense of fair play that teams have been showing in this tournament so far," said FIFA Referees' Committee Chairman, David Will (Scotland).

"The standard of refereeing has generally been very good, too. It is FIFA's policy to use competitions such as this to try out some referees as future World Cup referees, and inevitably there may be one or the other referee who reveals a lack of experience at this level. But we have learnt a lot and there have been some excellent individual performances."

After the eight matches of the second round, some of the 16 referees and 24 assistants will return home, as is the normal practice in FIFA competitions, and a group retained for the remaining eight matches.