In the event of a drawing of lots being required to determine the ranking within the groups A, B or C after Sunday evening’s matches, the draw will be made at the FIFA Championship headquarters in Shah Alam after the games on Sunday evening.

Similarly, if a drawing of lots is required to separate the teams of groups D, E or F, this will be done at the FIFA offices on Monday evening.

Also on Monday evening, if required, the drawing of lots will be made to decide the four best third-placed teams to qualify for the second round.

The Regulations for the FIFA World Youth Championship for the Coca-Cola Cup foresee that teams are ranked within their group according to the following criteria :

  1. Points
  2. Goal difference
  3. Number of goals scored
  4. Result of the match between the teams concerned
  5. Drawing of lots.

The same criteria, except §4 above, also apply for the determination the best third-placed teams.

Any drawing of lots will be made by the Chairman of the FIFA Committee for Youth Competitions, Julio Grondona (Argentina), and other officials.