Adiyiah: Ghana's golden boy

What a tournament it was for Dominic Adiyiah. With eight goals en route to the final and a decisive penalty in the sudden-death shoot-out which gave Ghana glory, Egypt 2009 has certainly been a competition to remember for the striker based at Fredrikstad.

He was three goals ahead of Hungary captain Vladimir Koman in the race to win the adidas Golden Shoe, so it was the presentation of the adidas Golden Ball, which came as the more pleasant surprise to the quietly-spoken 19-year-old.

Still smiling after winning the game, tournament and the awards, Adiyiah spoke to Dominic, how does it feel?
Dominic Adiyiah: Today my dream has come true. I'm really happy. Glory be to God for giving us a great tournament! I think it was a marvelous tournament and it is one of the greatest moments in my life for having the Golden Shoe and the Golden Ball together with a Gold Medal. I thank my coach very much because he has been there for me, and all my colleagues for helping me to get to this great moment.

Is this the best moment of your career?
Yes, as a young player, it is. I must say it's a great achievement for me but I've given myself a challenge now, so I need to be working hard, but for now I'm enjoying the moment. It's a great moment in my life.

I'm following in the footsteps of the likes of Messi, Saviola and Aguero and I want to emulate their careers - and I'll work hard to do that.
Dominic Adiyiah, Ghana forward.

When you went down to ten men, did you ever stop believing? Did you ever think it might not be your day, that Brazil might win?
We were always focused on the trophy, even when we went down to ten men. But football anything can happen. But yes, there were times, especially during the shoot-out when I thought Brazil would win. There were some people who thought it was all over when Bright [Addae] missed. But we kept on fighting for it and we are champions now, thanks to some great saves from our goalkeeper.

How much pressure did you feel in taking that penalty?
At that moment, it was 3-2 and if I missed, that was it! I was thinking, if I scored this, we would go on and win it, but at the same time I didn't want to lose it for the team. The only thing I could do was get the ball into the net. I was praying that I'd make a good connection and I did, thank God!

You mentioned the goalkeeper, Daniel Agyei. What can you say about him?
Yes, this keeper, he's great. I think he is our hero now. Everyone is congratulating him for his performance. I think he has done a great job throughout the tournament. We are happy for him.

And now what do you want to do in your career?
Yes, I'm not going to rest on it, I'm not going to sleep beside the medals or the awards.  This is a challenge for me, so I have to work hard. I'm following in the footsteps of the likes of Messi, Saviola and Aguero and I want to emulate their careers - and I'll work hard to do that. I'm preparing to get to the top.