Spain-Italy: Quotes
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Francesco Rocca, Italy coach
I have to admit that I didn't watch the second half. I watched the first from the stands and I couldn't contain myself (Rocca was suspended from the bench for this match). We used our heart and our head to win this game, and we know that we've beaten one of the favourites for the title. We have the confidence now to go on to the latter stages, but we need to stay calm and go over the game to see where we made mistakes and to take some positives for the matches ahead.  

Luis Milla, Spain coach
We knew Italy would be tough opponents. They got into the game straightaway and made it hard for us to settle. The sending-off of Alberto Botia changed the game for us, though I have to admit we played better with ten men than we did with 11. At this level if you don't feel comfortable in the first 20 minutes you pay for it. As for Aaron's second penalty it would be easy to criticise him with the result on the line but I'm not going to do that. That's football for you and sometimes individual mistakes can cost you a game. I'm going to look on this game positively because even though we were a man down and trailing, we kept going to the end and almost made it.