Hungary-Czech Republic: Quotes
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Sandor Egervari, Hungary coach
We've been involved in a very even match which could have gone either way. It was very close from start to finish. And I'm proud to be the coach of the team that won this evening. My boys gave everything and all I can do is thank them for that. In Hungarian my name means 'Alexander the Great' and I think that this evening the crowd gave us that something extra. We've been welcomed incredibly well here and I'm sure that my players will have great memories of this tournament.

Jakub Dovalil, Czech Republic coach
At kick-off we really felt capable of winning this match. We did everything in our power to make sure we were in the best possible shape. We're therefore very disappointed to lose like this. Besides which we created lots of chances during the 90 minutes. Penalty kicks are a real lottery, but we can't miss three times and still expect to win. I'm left with the feeling of having attended a good match, it's just a shame that the result didn't go our way.