Italy-Hungary: Quotes

Sandor Egervari, Hungary coach
We expected that it would be a really tough match - and it was. In this game, my team were so strong mentally. It was a high pressured game and I had a feeling that things were going to happen, but my players kept their focus during the match. In fact, my players could say that they kept their heads better than I did. I was delighted with Krisztian Nemeth's goals. Tonight he showed his true potential.

Francesco Rocca, Italy coach
We didn't start the match well and to concede a penalty inside the opening minute made our lives very difficult. After that, we began to play better and I'm quite satisfied with the performance overall. It was a very exciting match, but I'm disappointed by the final result and I think it could have been different had there been no sendings off. But we're going back to Italy with confidence. We've shown that we're a good team.