Ghana-Hungary: Quotes

Sellas Tetteh, Ghana coach
It was a marvellous victory, we were under pressure and we came through. We played a great first half and went two goals up but we gave the ball away too much in the second period and started having problems. However, we were able to get back on track and hold out for the win, which shows how strong we are. What matters isn't just that we're in the final, but that we got there thanks to a great victory. We're not surprised by our performance because we played really well in the qualifying competition in Rwanda and we've had continuity and consistency here (in Egypt). It doesn't matter who we meet next: we're 90 minutes away from lifting the trophy.

Imre Kenyeres, Hungary assistant coach
I think that in the first half the pressure of what was at stake got to us. We didn't reach the standards of our previous matches and we made individual errors, so it was no coincidence that Ghana scored the first goal. It's true that at that point we felt the absence of our captain [Vladimir Koman], but in tournaments like these you have to be able to overcome obstacles like that. In the second half we proved why we're among the top four teams in the world. I'm proud of the players because they gave themselves a chance of levelling the game, even though that didn't happen in the end. Now we want to win the medals for third place.