Hungary-Costa Rica: Quotes
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Sandor Egervari, Hungary coach
We have reached the latter stages of the tournament and it's to be expected that both sets of players should be tired. What helped us was the physical fitness and psychological strength of our players which allowed them to control the second half just as they did against Ghana. I am happy with the players' performance today especially Peter Gulacsi our goalkeeper who we owe this victory to. I don't think many people expected us to do better than teams like Germany, Spain, Uruguay and Egypt at this tournament, but we have improved game by game and fully deserve our bronze medals.

Ronald Gonzalez, Costa Rica coach
This is football. We were winning until the final moments of the game and we let it slip in such dramatic fashion, but to be honest Hungary deserved a draw in this game. We then failed to score from the penalty spot, but that is normal in football. A penalty shoot-out requires a lot of luck and it's obvious we had none tonight, but what matters most is we have an excellent new generation of Costa Rican footballers.