Nigeria-Spain: Quotes
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Samson Siasia, Nigeria coach
Today we tried to play our own game right from the start and had a lot of opportunities to score. I don't know how many chances we need to make to score a goal though. It's frustrating to have good strikers and yet not be able to put the ball away. Everyone knows if you don't score then you've got no chance of winning. But that's football, and like life sometimes things just don't work out for you. I'm a little disillusioned even though we still have a chance of going through.

Luis Milla, Spain coach
It was a very even, keenly contested game. Nigeria made it hard for us by closing us down up front, taking the ball from us and making us run a lot to get it back. That made it a physically tiring game for our lads. They have some good players in midfield and up front, but they're a little bit disorganised at the back and we made the most of that. I want to congratulate my players because they worked hard whenever things got tough for us and they managed to come through.