Tahiti-Venezuela: Quotes
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Lionel Charbonnier, Tahiti coach
In the early stages my players stuck to the game-plan and played far better than they did against Spain. To concede the first goal so early was a blow and it left us no time to settle in. Then came the two sending-offs and that was it. Although we knew Venezuela would drop the intensity level in the second half, I still feel we managed to hold on to the ball well and tried to play as a team.

Cesar Farias, Venezuela coach
We went about the game in just the right manner and we never showed a lack of respect for the opposition. We came here to play football and that's what we did. Everything has turned out perfect today; we've won the game, we haven't picked up any injuries, we haven't been shown any cards, we've kept a clean sheet and we're through to the last 16. To be among the best 16 teams in the world is a very important achievement for Venezuelan football.