Venezuela-Spain: Quotes
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Luis Milla, Spain coach
I told the lads that, though we were already through, they should still be ambitious and play with the same energy as previous games. Doing that also helps build team spirit. Dani got us underway with that phenomenal free-kick, which allowed us to settle and control possession. In general I'm pleased with the standard of the squad and know that whoever we have to face in this competition, this team will make a great game of it.  

Cesar Farias, Venezuela coach
You didn't see the real Venezuela out there. Though my players were physically playing Spain their minds were on the next game, and I can understand that. We lacked punch up front, plus we gifted them two goal, one from a free and another from the spot. And you can't give a team that kind of lead at this level. However, that's not to take anything away from Spain, who are a complete team and unquestionably title contenders. As for us, well on the whole it's been positive so far and we're heading into our next game intact.