Cameroon-Korea Republic: Quotes
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Alain Wabo, Cameroon coach
Of course we're happy with the win and the three points. In my opinion, we were the better side and physically we had the upper hand in the closing stages. Hard work in defence was the basis for our success this evening. The Koreans manged to stop us attacking down the flanks, but it was good to see that we could get the win anyway.

Hong Myung Bo, Korea Republic coach
Congratulations to Cameroon for the win. We did our best but unfortunately it wasn't enough. We were no worse that them and I don't think anyone expected a result like this. My players were under a lot of pressure mentally - we put in a lot of preparation for this tournament and so the tension ahead of this match was huge. Still, it's not the end of the world as we still have two more games to play.