USA-Korea Republic: Quotes

Hong Myung-Bo, Korea Republic coach
We simply had a better attitude than USA today. Our will to win was stronger, because we had to take all three points to make the next stage. I'm thrilled by the victory. My players didn't just give it 100 per cent today, they gave it 120 per cent. The USA are physically very strong and have some big lads in their line-up, so we had to stay on the move at all times. That's what I said to my players before kick-off, and that's what they've gone out and done.

Thomas Rongen, USA coach
First of all, congratulations to Korea Republic. They deserved to win. We played like we did against Germany: it was another poor performance. They played us off the park, both tactically and technically. They were also much better organised than we were. We're incredibly disappointed now. At the end of the day, we weren't good enough to get the results we needed. We knew this was the crucial game, and we wanted to play like we did against Cameroon, but we've failed. We have to sit down and work out where the US game stands in this age group.