Germany-Cameroon: Quotes
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Thomas Norenberg, Germany assistant coach
The goal we scored just before half-time was crucial to the outcome of the game. I thought that the 3-0 win slightly flattered us, even though we missed too many chances today. Defensively, I thought that we were well organised and in terms of our attitude, we showed that we wanted to win the game and the group and that was very pleasing.

Alain Wabo, Cameroon coach
I'm very disappointed, in fact I'm more than that, I am dejected. But I, and we, have to deal with that. That's sport. Before the tournament I said that I expected us to reach the second round - and we haven't. When we get home I won't be surprised if I lose my job for this; that's football. I can't explain why we were so disappointing. It was just one of those days. When you have a defence that doesn't react, you concede goals. But today we played one of the best teams in the tournament, that much is certain.