England-Uruguay: Quotes
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Diego Aguirre, Uruguay coach
It was a very good goal and it came at a very important time. It's our first steps in this group  - which we want to finish top. I thought we lost our way in the first half, but in the second we improved and finished in the manner in which we wanted to. I admire the performance of the England team - they were extremely organised; it was the strength of the players I have in the squad and the substitutions  I was able to make which won the game.

Brian Eastick, England coach
Tonight, we played  a very tough team. In the last 20 minutes, Uruguay were physically stronger than us - and got the goal that that mattered. But the game was in the balance all the way through and I think that if you asked the Uruguay coach, he'd have said that he was nervous that we might have gone on to win the game too. When we got mentally and physically tired, we began to give the ball away, which contributed to the defeat.

Tabare Viudes, Uruguay midfielder
In the first half, England controlled the game, but in the second half we took control and won the game.

Diego Rodriguez, Uruguay midfielder
It was a tough match because both teams played to a similar level, but I think that we won the game because we pushed each other on as a team.

Josh Walker, England midfielder
We're going to prepare better for the next match, work on the mistakes we made and focus on beating Ghana. I think we tired in the last 20 minutes, but hopefully that won't be the case on Tuesday.

Febian Brandy, England forward
The match didn't go as planned, we played to win and we prepared well. I wasn't disappointed that I was substituted. I gave my best - and I respect the manager's decision.