Czech Republic-Australia: Quotes
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Jakub Dovalil, Czech Republic coach
It was a vital match for us and the most important thing is to have a good start in the tournament. We are really happy. I think it was a close match, probably 50-50, but I'm glad to have come out of it with three points. Personally, I'm actually not too happy because I know we can play a lot better than we did today, and the players know that too. But we have picked up three points and are progressing slowly.

Jan Versleijen, Australia coach
Of course you always hope in your opening game to come away with a better result than we've got today. All I will say is that you didn't see Australia at their best today. I know what this team is capable of and we have a lot more quality than we showed today At a World Cup, you need everyone playing at their highest level. We just didn't have that today. But we have two games to go and the chance to get six points, so we still believe that we can qualify for the next round. But we will need to play better than we did today.