Brazil-Czech Republic: Quotes
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Rogerio Lourenco, Brazil coach
I thought we played very well, but the match was 0-0 for a reason: we just couldn't get through the Czech defence. What I will say is that we came here to play good football and can come away from this game with our heads held high. We didn't know that Czechs would play with such defensive tactics but I am satisfied with my players' efforts and we can look forward with confidence to the next games.

Jakub Dovalil, Czech Republic coach
We are very satisfied with the draw. We are a small country and we know how skilful and dangerous Brazil are, so we couldn't just go out and play open football against them. Our tactics were to play defensively and Brazil only had two chances, so we must have been successful. I think the way we played is the only way for small countries like ourselves to have a chance against teams like Brazil.