Australia-Brazil: Quotes
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Jan Versleijen, Australia coach
There were some very promising signs today. Every game, we've stepped it up more and more. The result is not great but we can still take a lot of positive things out of the match. I feel the tournament has been a very fruitful experience and I am happy with the way we played today. Plus, five of the players who were out there are 17 or 18 and eligible for the next U-20 World Cup. That augers well for future of Australian football.

Rogerio Lourenco, Brazil coach
Today, our main aim was to give chances to players who didn't play in the other matches and to get those players into the rhythm of the games. Australia began the game very strongly and obviously scored the first goal, but we stayed very calm and very able to play a good game and score some great goals. I was never sure of victory today as this is a very balanced group with four strong teams. They most important thing is that we finished top.