Hungary-UAE: Quotes
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Sandor Egervari, Hungary coach
The boys played really well tonight and followed the game plan to perfection. Our victory was built upon a watertight defence. I asked my players to dig deep and hit them hard on the counter-attack. Going in 2-0 up at the break put us in an ideal position. And I'm all the more pleased because I was able to rotate the squad a little with a view to the Round of 16.

Mahdi Redha, UAE coach  
I felt that my players weren't fully focused on the match, at least in the first half. Still, I think they did all they could. I don't think it's fatigue - we just came up against a better team on the night. Six of my players were already on yellow cards and didn't want to risk missing out on the next round, which might explain why some of them seemed to lack commitment.