ENG-ARG: Quotes
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Walter Perazzo, Argentina coach: "England are tough opponents. They’re well organised and they get a lot of players behind the ball. We went for the win but we couldn’t get one, and in today’s football your opponents’ tactics can sometimes upset yours, no matter what type of game you try to play. England know how to apply themselves and they’re focused, but they barely tried to attack. We’ve scored just the one goal in our two games, although Mexico and England are both big teams. This group was called the 'group of death’ when the draw was made, and there’s a good reason for that: every team in it is strong and that makes it difficult to score goals.

Brian Eastick, England coach: "It goes without saying that we needed three points. Even so, when you consider that we were missing players, that we’ve had to put together a team in a matter of weeks, that we had a player injured in the first half, and that we were up against a very good Argentina team, and in South America too, then we weren’t very sure of getting those points, even though we wanted them. England are often criticised for not getting possession and for playing the long ball too often, but we showed we can play a different way. Of course, it will be a disappointment if we don’t qualify, but you can’t deny that that this team always tries to play football, and you can’t deny these players the experience that this tournament is going to give them."