England-Korea DPR: Quotes
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Jo Tong Sop, Korea DPR coach

"We can be happy because we didn’t lose to England, who was clearly the favourite in this game. But we can also have some regrets because we didn’t win, even though we had the opportunity to do so. Today we showed our character and our strength by resisting, but also our limits, especially in our attack. That’s what we’ll have to work on before the next game. Mexico is a team with better technical skills, but if we strengthen our defense and improve our offensive tactics, we should be able to win this game.

Brian Eastick, England coach
We lost two points today. We were definitely the better team, especially in the first period. But you already know the script in this kind of game when you dominate and you create good chances. We probably deserved to win, but we couldn’t convert our chances. But I still think that in FIFA tournament, the most important thing is maybe not to win the game, but most of all, it is not to lose it. My team is in a pre-season stage, while Korea has been working together for months. It reflected the game. I could only make three substitutions, but ten of my players were exhausted!