MEX-PKR: Quotes
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Jo Tong Sop, Korea DPR coach: "We insisted on the importance of being strong in defense. It worked until that key moment, a few seconds before the half-time. We had enough defenders to clear the ball, but unfortunately the luck was on the other side. We know that we have our last chance against Argentina, and that’s why we’ll be at our best for this game - mentally and physically. We know that we have only very tiny chance to qualify, but we’ll play for this with all our heart until the very last second."

Juan Carlos Chavez, Mexico coach: "Despite the score it was a tough game. Unitl the first goal we had many chances, but we hadn't converted them. Finally it came, and at the right moment before the half-time, and it was fully deserved. The second goal made our game much easier. What makes me happy is that we managed to win, score three goals and play in style. It’s the spirit of our team: always trying to attack."