BRA-AUT: Quotes
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Ney Franco, Brazil coach: "These are three important points for us. The team played well, especially in the second half, although Austria made life difficult for us by playing what was virtually a 3-6-1 and trying to hit us on the counter. After the restart we played our best football, though. We didn’t hit so many long balls, and we deservedly won the game. We’ve improved since our first game and we hope we can keep on improving over the next few games and make it all the way to the final if possible. We know it’s difficult but that’s what we’re aiming for."

Andreas Heraf, Austria coach: "It’s very hard to go out there and play Brazil at their own game. They’re one of the best sides in the world. We did fine in the first 30 minutes, up until they scored their first goal, and we did alright after that, until they scored the second. That’s when I decided to make a few changes because we knew then that we couldn’t turn the game around. We were saving our energy for the last match because it’s a vital one for us, and when you’ve no energy and you’re giving Brazil space, then it’s very difficult to get the ball back. They were the favourites and they won the game. They’re a great side.