CRO - KSA quotes
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Ivan Grnja, Croatia coach: "It's hard to say when we lost the game. We had some problems, and I want to congratulate our opponents who showed their strong mindedness. Our problem was in the defence as the Saudis knew how to score against us and they managed to get away with a win. The hot weather affected us and in that regard, our opponents were fast and very aggressive."

Khalid Al Koroni, Saudi Arabia coach: "I would like to thank the players for the effort they have put in and for the tactical discipline they showed in the game. The game was hard for us due to the fact Croatia players are strong physically. We knew how to deal with them, and we managed to exhaust them in the first half and score two goals in the second to win the match. We studied Croatia well and we knew their weak and strong points. We had several chances and we eventually managed to score two goals."