Saudi Arabia-Guatemala: Quotes
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Khalid Al Koroni, Saudi Arabia coach
"The start of the game was slow for us since Guatemala had nothing to lose. They had to win so we had to be cautious. However, after the first ten minutes we started to get into the game and we created two chances which made life easier for us. In the second half we scored four more goals and the players even missed a lot of chances. We were happy with the result because after scoring four goals total, we wanted to increase the tally as this could play an important role in determining the leaders of the group."

Ever Almeida, Guatemala coach
"After the first goal we got nervous and had problems with passing. We played offensively, but we didn't score the chances that we had. After the tenth minute, Saudi Arabia were superior and we know our football style has to change. It's an honour to be here. It's a pain that other teams have been very superior to us. We have done everything, played with the best of intentions, and came here to do our best and win the games. Football is more than heart. Unfortunately we failed to do what we did in the qualifiers. I'm happy to be here representing Guatemala."