CRO - NGA quotes
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Croatia coach Ivan Grnja:
"It was a good game and we tried our best to make a good comeback. We were the best against Saudi Arabia but we couldn't win the match. Today we found an opponent with good quality and we couldn't compete with their quality. The problem was the physical status of our players. Most of the players couldn't compete in the game and that's why we conceded quick goals towards the end of the match. Nigeria showed that they are strong and they have good players. We made several mistakes which affected us and allowed Nigeria to score five goals."

Nigeria coach John Obuh:
"The display of Croatia today was not like they did against Saudi Arabia. We expected them to be a good team and they showed a good display. It was a tough game for us. We should carry on scoring goals as long as opportunity is there to score, we should score as we did in the first two matches. We came a long way to build the team and the players have been together for a long time. The game today was tough but luckily for us we managed to win."