Cameroon-New Zealand: Quotes
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Chris Milicich, New Zealand coach
“The key was not to lose, so it was important to start with this draw. It gives us confidence. Our players were a little frightened in the beginning, and it is normal because most of them are still not playing at a professional level. And also because we didn’t know about Cameroon at all. I think we defended quite well and our goalkeeper was amazing. He was sad about the penalty, but he played a great match. For the next matches I think it is going to be better for us, as we are more used to Portugal and Uruguay's style of playing. They may be favourites, but they know it is not going to be easy. Like today, we had a chance and almost scored at the end of the match. It could have changed everything.”

Martin Ndtoungou, Cameroon coach
“Unfortunately we didn’t play well in the first half, but we did play our game in the second. We created chances, but their goalkeeper was amazing and saved everything. We didn't have luck on our side, but we tried our best. We decided to keep the same players because they were playing well, but we will see from now on if we need to change something. Against Portugal, for example, we hope that the goalkeeper won’t be that good. And that the public will stay on our side like today. They helped us a lot in the second half.”