Uruguay-Cameroon: Quotes

Juan Verzeri, Uruguay coach
“This is a painful moment, and obviously, the atmosphere in the dressing room is really sad. We wanted to play all seven matches, and we couldn’t do it. There were a lot of expectations back home, due the results gotten by all the Uruguayan teams in the recent competitions, but sadly we have to say that we are eliminated. I think we lost the qualification in our previous game, not today. Today Cameroon deserved the victory, we have to admit that."

Martin Ndtoungou, Cameroon coach
“We had a great celebration because we were in a very tough and equal group. The boys gave all they had against Uruguay, and that was the key to the victory. The substitutions? They helped us a lot. I used more offensive players, who were better organised, and that helped us to win the game. I want to dedicate this victory to my players, they had a great game and made a huge effort to reach this stage of the tournament."