Portugal-Uruguay quotes
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Ilidio Vale, Portugal coach
"If either of the two sides deserved to win that game, it was Portugal. We had good control of possession and, even with ten men, we created more chances. The first half was difficult because the players were a bit nervous and too concerned with avoiding defeat. But we performed intelligently in the second half. We really want to stay in this World Cup and we feel we can go further, even though it’s an extremely well-balanced group."

Juan Verzeri, Uruguay coach
"It was a very even game right from the start. There was a lot of a physical contact and it was difficult to keep hold of the ball. After they got a player sent off we tried to attack more but we didn’t have enough time to take advantage. I also felt that our players were a bit nervous, which led to a few errors. We need to work on these things for our next games, but we know that we’re capable of qualifying from this group. It’s a good time for Uruguayan football, and the recent Copa America win by the senior side is a motivating factor for us. It shows, for example, that we can stay in the hunt despite drawing our opening game."