Portugal-Cameroon quotes
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Ilidio Vale, Portugal coach: "Cameroon are a very tough, competitive team but I think Portugal were the stronger side, particularly in the first half. We had a few problems in the second period, some of our players began to tire, but it was also because they stepped up a gear and forced us back a bit. But we’re very pleased to have won the game. We made a slight tactical change today, but the players are ready for that. There’s a good group dynamic and they’re adaptable, while they also were very nervous on Saturday. Of course everybody wants to play attractive football, but if we need to play like that (the 0-0 opening draw with Uruguay) again we will. The most important thing is to qualify and ideally to stay in the same Host City. That’ll happen if we can beat New Zealand, which will be very difficult. They’re competitive, well-organised defensively and have a lot of heart. But we know we’re capable of winning."

Martin Ndtoungou, Cameroon coach: "We made a fatal mistake early in the game and it became an uphill struggle, but everything got that much tougher once we got a man sent off. Now we’re going into a decisive game with a number of problems to deal with, aside from those others players with injuries. I think that we made mistakes at the back, but we didn’t create much in attack either – we expected more from them. But I don’t think we’re out of the running yet: we’ve got one chance left and we need to win, so we’ll keep dreaming. The next match against Uruguay’s going to be tough and hard-fought, but every game is different and it could throw up a few surprises. "