Portugal-New Zealand: Quotes
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Chris Milicich, New Zealand coach
“It’s a mix of bad and good feelings. We’re happy to know that the boys gave their best in the three matches and finished third in a very tough group. It was a great achievement. But we’re also sad because we wanted to go further. We now leave Cali no matter what happens, but we’d like to thank everybody here. It was a great adventure and we had some good lessons for the future."

Ilidio Vale, Portugal coach

Portugal had a goal before the tournament and we are happy that we reached it. We always tried to win the matches and show a good level. We showed that we can face any opponent. I’m happy with the level of the football we’ve shown, but I’m sure we can improve. We didn’t score much, but we also didn’t concede, which shows our strength. We still don't know our next opponent, but we know we are prepared."