URU - NZL quotes
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Chris Milicich, New Zealand coach: “I am pretty happy with what the team produced, but on the other hand I am disappointed with the result. We've got our fist point in the World Cup, but we aren’t here to draw matches, we’re here to win. So that’s what we’re going to do in the next match. With five points we can qualify. I’m happy with my midfielders and with Marco Rojas. He was brave, he was injured, but he made it and that was really important for us. Lets see how Portugal do in the next match, but we are sure we can make it.”

Juan Verzeri, Uruguay coach:Uruguay attacked the whole match and had 18 shots, so it proves who deserved [the win]. New Zealand played better in the second half, with Rojas and Lucas creating more chances. Now we will go to the altitude of Bogota, and it’s a matter of who will adapt better. The match against Cameroon is going to be tough, they are strong. But at least I’m happy because we created more compared to the first match.”