Martin Ndtoungou, Cameroon coach: "It was a well-contested match and was difficult for both sides. We lost it on penalties. At the end of the match you need to look at the team’s overall performance, without focusing on individual players. Were they positive enough in such a difficult match? Yes, my team fought hard and tried to win the game. It could have gone either way and the two teams deserve congratulations for their courage, their determination and the show they gave the spectators. I hope the tournament’s upcoming matches are of as high a standard as this one. After we scored our goal, our defenders switched off for a bit and didn’t read the situation very well, which is why we conceded (the equaliser). We worked on penalties in training nearly every day, but it’s always different in the heat of a match. My lads lost their way: that’s the only explanation I can give for not scoring any spot-kicks, because physically we were still fine."

Juan Carlos Chavez, Mexico coach: "We’ve come through a very difficult match and, before you mention the game against Colombia, I’d like to say one thing to you: this Mexican team have shown they’ve got enough character to stand up to any opponents. Jose Rodriguez had a great match, particularly during the shoot-out. You don’t get many clear goalscoring opportunities at a World Cup, and we weren’t able to put away the few that came our way. So, penalties were needed and they went in our favour. Before anything else, we need to get some rest. After that we’ll start thinking about Colombia, who also had a tough game. It’ll be a very tricky game but it’s still 11 versus 11, having 50,000 behind them in the stadium won’t make much difference. The teams know each other well, and they’re a good side – particularly on home soil. But I’m confident Mexico can show their character once more."