Portugal-Argentina: Quotes
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Ilidio Vale, Portugal coach
"I feel very good and happy that we have reached the semi-finals. It was a very close game, even though Portugal were more organised than Argentina. It was just fair that we won. We played better than Argentina. Big thanks to the fans here in Cartagena. Their support was fantastic and also a factor why we have won this game. We got scared first, because we lost two penalties to Argentina. We hope that we can continue like this, and win the semi-final and move on to the final. We can win anything by playing penalties, because we have a great goalkeeper. We always think positive. There are no big stars in my team, but my players make a great team. All the victories are different from each other, but this one has been the most satisfactory so far. My team has worked hard, listened to me and to one another. It’s important that I have the support of my team, as it’s not only my work, but the work of all of my staff."

Walter Perazzo, Argentina coach
"We had two equal teams today. Both were tired, and the heat affected both of us. It was a very close game, which ultimately was decided by penalties. I feel very sorry, as we had all the hope to go through to the semi-finals. We thought we would win as Portugal missed 2 penalties, but then in the end, it went against us. We have to rest now, think about the game and how can we improve for the future."