France-Portugal: Quotes
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Francis Smerecki, France coach: “Congratulations to Portugal for qualifying. There are different ways to play football. They have their own, which is based on a very strong defense. We knew that if they scored the first goal it would be very difficult. Unfortunately we made two big mistakes. And after that, we couldn’t score. It’s not that we are not good enough to score. There are five other teams who failed to score against them before us. It’s a big achievement for them to reach the final without conceding a goal. Against Brazil or Mexico, I’m curious to see how they will react if they concede the first goal. But I trust their coach to make sure that it doesn’t happen.”

Ilidio Vale, Portugal coach: “It was a very tough game. I don’t know if we’ve turned in a good enough performance to win the final yet, but we deserve credit for getting to the final without conceding a single goal. We managed to score two goals, and it was enough to beat France, the European champions. Now my players want to write their own history, and it’s a good coincidence that it happens 20 years after our last title. Regardless of who are our opponents in the final, it will be a great game, a fiesta of football.”