MEX-FRA: Quotes
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Juan Carlos Chavez, Mexico coach: "I’m very happy and before everything else, I want to congratulate my players and thank all the millions of Mexicans who supported us here or at home on the TV. We are very proud to have finished third, we had tough opponents, but we had enough talent and personality to win this game. This result is a reward for the good work done in Mexico, by the federations and all the clubs. We can see the results in the U17s, the U20s and the national team. My players have been in contact during the whole tournament with the national coach De La Torre, and hopefully some of them will keep on improving and work with him in the national team. These young players are good footballers and good boys. They are an example for Mexican youth."

Francis Smerecki, France coach: "We had a good run during this tournament, but when you see our two last games against Portugal and Mexico, we can have regrets because we didn't finish in the top three. Tonight we had a clash of two football styles. We lost because we made the same mistakes again, but apart from these mistakes, during the game, we were on a par with Mexico. In this tournament, we missed certain things to get higher. But when you play in a World Cup, you have to be complete in all the sections. And tonight, we did exactly the same mistakes than against Portugal. Obviously it will be prove great experience for the players, and they’ll use it as of tomorrow with their clubs. They saw what they needed to reach the very high level."