Blatter: Football will be back
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FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter was joined by President of the Canadian Soccer Association and Chairman of the Local Organising Committee Colin Linford, SOS Childrens' Villages Ambassador for Canada Craig Forrest, FIFA Vice President and Chairman of the Canada 2007 Organising Committee Jack A. Warner and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Rudi Gittens. Among the topics open for discussion at the press conference were the success of the tournament in general and the regrettable incidents on and off the pitch at the Chile v. Argentina semi-final on 19 July in Toronto.

FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter
On the tournament in general
We have had a very successful competition here in Canada. The Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) put on a wonderful event and it is a tremendous success in terms of spectators, excitement and enthusiasm. All of Canada has come out to support 'soccer' and it is a great thing. I give my compliments to all involved in the organisation.

On the incidents that took place at the end of the Chile - Argentina semi-final
I must admit that I have been happier to be in a press conference than I am right now. We faced an unfortunate two-phase incident at last night's semi-final between Chile and Argentina. The first part occurred during the game and at the end of the match and also involved the reserve bench of Chile. These incidents are connected with the game and are regrettable, but they happen from time to time. They will be dealt with through FIFA's Disciplinary Committee and in the name of FIFA I regret these incidents.

On the incidents that occurred after the Chile - Argentina semi-final
The second part, I did not witness personally. It has brought the local police into the equation. We will have to listen to all parties that were involved. Such incidents are regrettable and I apologise in the name of FIFA for what happened but we have given the responsibility of the organisation of this tournament to the Canadian Soccer Association and we ask them to deal with this matter along with the relevant authorities and report the details to FIFA.

On the fact that Sunday's third-place match and Final will go ahead as planned
The incidents will not affect the program on Sunday - both games will be played - first the third-place game between Austria and Chile and then the Final between Argentina and Czech Republic. football must go on - when we face ugliness we must overcome it through football.

On why he thinks such incidents happened
Football is for fun. It is also a school of life, but it is also about passion . These two teams (Argentina and Chile) have a great rivalry in football and sometimes the emotions can get the better of them. Passion can cause love and poetry but it can also produce violence on occasion. I must make clear that every other game here in Canada went off without trouble, and this was the only incident of this kind. But what happened after the game is a matter of security and this is not part of football. The organisation of this competition has been handed over to the Canadian Soccer Association and the local authorities are responsible. This is regrettable, but it is not the end of football. Football will be back on Sunday.

Harold Mayne-Nicholls, President of the Chilean FA
On the incidents during and after the semi-final
On behalf of the Chilean Football Association, I apologise for the behaviour of our players after the game. We don't support conduct like this in any way.

On the next steps to be taken
The Chilean government has filed a formal complaint to the government of Canada and we will see what happens from there. I will say this also: the players know they must do their best and play the third-place match with pride.

Jack Austin Warner, FIFA Vice President
On the Tournament's general success
The Canadian organisers have done a great job and exceeded our wildest expectations in becoming the biggest U-20 event in FIFA history. I am so proud of what has gone on here.