CHI - NGA match quotes
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Jose Sulantay, Chile coach: "We had to fight hard for this win. Our substitutions at half-time worked well, helping to stop the Nigerians from putting moves together. I studied their style closely and I knew they played a lot of long balls and make the most of their pace, but our defence is remarkable in the air. They also leave spaces when they go forward, so we just had to take advantage of that by attacking on the break, which we managed to do at the end of the game. Having said that, no one would have expected us to put four goals past such a solid team. The support from the crowd is very important and we almost feel like we're at home. It's a very reciprocal relationship, because the players are happy to play in front of the fans and the fans are delighted to see us go further."

Ladan Bosso, Nigeria coach: "We held on well for the whole match but when we let in the first goal things got difficult. I tried to tell my players to carry on and that nothing was lost, but it was too hard to come back from that psychologically. I respect Chilean football: they battled away well for the entire game and I think we were at the same level as them. We're very frustrated because we really wanted to reach the final, but the Nigerian public knows the lads did their best."

Cristopher Toselli, Chile goalkeeper and captain: "My defence was very strong and it's thanks to that that I was able to beat the record for time spent without conceding a goal. To be honest, I didn't have a lot of work to do because my defenders hardly ever let them get through. But it was a very tough game. We were very tired but we managed to keep going thanks to our motivation. We played with our hearts. We're more than just a football team; we have a great bond."

Mauricio Isla, Chile defender and scorer: "It was tough. The Nigerians play well and run a lot, but we got through thanks to our desire. We need to continue like that so we can go all the way. I'm happy to have scored but what matters is the team. The support from the crowd helped us; it really motivates you to get that kind of support. Our mission now is to win the trophy."

Nicolas Medina, Chile striker: "It was great to feel the support from Chile fans. They believe in us, both here and at home, and that really pushes us forward. Nigeria are a very well-organised team but we were able to cause them problems by making sure we played our own game well."

Ezekiel Bala, Nigeria captain: "When we let in the first goal, we felt really down. We tried to get rid of our frustration, but it didn't work because we'd planned to go far and that goal made us feel helpless. Still, this tournament has been a good thing for Nigeria and the whole of Africa. We showed we have talented players who are proud to represent the national side."