AUT - USA match quotes
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Paul Gludovatz, Austria coach: "The US are a physically and tactically strong team. We proved that we as Austrians can play skilful football on our day. The times of fighting by purely on defence are over. We attacked plenty today and we are happy with the win. Today our will to win was very strong - and with this will an Austrian fairytale has come true."

Thomas Rongen, USA coach: "Out of the first round, all games become really tight. They were well organised and their set piece were very dangerous. We knew that there weren't going to be too many chances. We didn't take our chances, and they took theirs. It was a battle, like we expected and they took the few chances they made. We fell short of our goal here in Canada, and we are bitterly disappointed about that. But there are more positives to take from this tournament than negatives."

Erwin Hoffer, Austria striker: "Nobody would have thought we could reach the semi-finals. When I came into the game, I was eager to give everything. I scored when I came in so I am thrilled with my contributions. Now, anything is possible for us."

Rubin Okotie, Austria striker: "I can't describe the emotions we felt after the game. For such a small country to reach the semi-finals of a world cup is an amazing thing. I can't describe it. I think we wanted the victory more than the Americans did an we fought for it."

Freddy Adu, USA striker: "it's difficult. i don't know what it is. things didn't go our way today...but that's soccer for you. sometimes the bounces go your way and sometimes they don't. it's about inches and bounces and they didn't go our way today."

Michael Bradley, USA midfielder: "The Austrians were a very good team today. I thought we looked better early in the first half, but we needed to increase our lead to 2-0 in order to kill off the game. But they fought hard and stuck around in the game and in the end they took more of their chances.