Jesus Ramirez, Mexico coach: "Congo put in an excellent performance and that was one of the most difficult, most intense matches we've had so far. I'm happy with the team's response though. We stepped on the accelerator at the end and came away with three goals. Our strength lies in our ability as a team, and although we've got some great individual players, we are a unit and that's what counts.

"The key was staying focused, despite the problems we had in scoring. We kept control of the ball and Christian Bermudez and Pablo Barrera certainly helped us dominate in midfield when they came on. That said, I don't think we were ever in any real danger."

Eddie Hudanksi, Congo coach: "Just as we've been doing since the start of the tournament, we struggled to get into the game. We showed them too much respect, and I had to give the players a ticking off at half-time. I told them to relax and to play their natural game, and we improved after that. It doesn't make much difference whether you play with ten or 11, in fact we played with more freedom when we went a man down.

"I'm proud of the way we performed. Some of the boys hadn't even played competitive football before 2005, and I'm amazed by how they've done. We have shown that we deserved to be here, and although the boys still have a bit of catching up to do on other countries, if they carry on working hard, I can assure you they're going have a very strong team in the future.

The Mexicans are sharp and they have some very talented players, in particular Giovanni Dos Santos and Efrain Juarez. Nevertheless, they struggle if you can hustle them and deny them the ball."

Julio Cesar Dominguez, Mexico defender: "Playing with ten men, the Congolese had nothing to lose, and they caused us problems. But we managed to create more and more chances and score, and that's what matters."

Pablo Barrera, Mexico goalscorer: "Coming off the bench suited me. There's a great understanding in this team and I found my rhythm straightaway. Congo are a fine side but the best team won, and on a personal note I'm delighted to have scored. But more than anything else it's the team that counts."