ARG - POL match quotes
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Hugo Tocalli, Argentina coach: "It was an even first half, but we were always looking for goals and asking questions, so I'm happy about that. The Poles and their supporters are great - they are both fine examples for the world of football. The difference is that we had a great attitude and attacking mind-set throughout the game today - we have the quality of players you need to do this. We showed great character to come back from a goal down. We always played our football and we never got desperate. It doesn't matter who we meet next. We will prepare for Congo or Mexico with equal vigour and respect."

Michal Globisz, Poland coach: "Unfortunately we lost the game, but there's no shame in it as Argentina are a great team. (Sergio) Aguero and (Maximiliano) Morales are very difficult to play against, because they have great quality. We did the best we could, but we were lacking in certain areas of the game today. In the first half we played very well, but in the second half we lost our fitness edge a bit and lost control of the game. Argentina are a great team and I hope they go far."

Sergio Aguero, Argentina striker: "It was a complicated game today. We knew how to take advantage of the holes they presented us though. They pressed us a lot in the first half, but I am pleased with the way we came back and overall the way we played in the game.

Maximiliano Moralez, Argentina midfielder: "I played well today and I am happy about that, but the big thing is that the whole team played well today. We came up against a hard opponent, went down a goal and we had the nerve to come back into it. I was never nervous. I knew if we kept playing our game, we would win."

Dawid Janczyk, Poland striker: "When we came out in the second half the game was tied at one each, but they were well prepared and they scored within seconds to go 2-1 up and that was the killer blow for us. We couldn't come back into the game at that point."