USA - URU match quotes
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Thomas Rongen, USA coach: "We knew this was going to be a hard game. Uruguay was the toughest third-place finisher we could have faced. They're a high-quality team with many dangerous players and ways to hurt you. It was a hard-fought game which went all the way down to the wire. Our regular keeper Chris Seitz couldn't play today after a collision in the game against Brazil, but Perk came in and did the job for us. We haven't had too many tough games like this so far - hard physical battles. But we stayed strong and showed them that we could mix it up too. We showed great heart today."

Michael Bradley, USA match winner: "Sometimes it's not all about being pretty and playing the beautiful game. If that's all you do on the field, you're always going to lose these hard games. We had to grind it out today and everyone did just that."

Danny Szetela, USA midfielder: "This was a game about guts today. We had to fight for everything on the field. It's important to show you can come back from a goal down and win these ugly games. It wasn't like any of our first round games and I couldn't be happier with making the quarter-finals."

Josmer Altidore, USA forward: "Our team deserves all the credit in the world. We're a bunch of hard men. Uruguay are a superb team and to come back in a game like this, in these circumstances, we showed great heart."

Freddy Adu, USA forward: "We played a great game tonight. It was a tough one for us and we had to fight our way back into it...and we did exactly that. A champion team has to find ways to win when the chips are down. No team can win a world championship without winning one of these ugly games."