CRC - JPN match quotes
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Costa Rica coach, Geovanni Alfaro: "With all due respect to Japan, I certainly do think that in balance we were superior today. If you break down creativity and goal scoring opportunities, I think you'll find we were ahead in those categories. We tried our best to create chances, and I thought we had a lot of opportunities. Unfortunately in football nowadays, there is much to be said for efficiency, and we did not finish what we had on the field. That is the name of the game. They had two chances in the second half, and they finished one. We didn't take advantage of our good play, but it wasn't for lack of trying.

I feel like we've lost two matches that we shouldn't have. All of our players have very bright futures, unfortunately players make mistakes and we made a few at crucial points. That cost us. But, personally I really like the play of Japan. They move the ball well, they have good first intentions and they have a lot of speed and creativity. I am happy that we showed that we could play with them and that shows the calibre of team we have as well. "

Yasushi Yoshida, Japan coach: "We were fortunate today. It was a very tough game, and I am just happy to walk away with the three points. That takes us to six, which is very important. Our ability to win today shows a lot of growth and maturity from my players. Costa Rica is a team that attacks well, and we struggled to go forward. We tried to use the space between the lines as much as we could, and got some chances through that. "

Akihiro Hayashi, Japan goalkeeper: "We haven't come up against anyone like (Jonathan) MacDonald before who can win a match on his own, so we are happy to have held them off and got a 1-0 win. We thought that if we could win today then we could get into the next round and maybe win the whole tournament."

Jonathan MacDonald, Costa Rica forward: "We are disappointed to lose again after we created a lot of chances. I have waited for my opportunity and I thought I played well, but it wasn't enough to change the result. We might still qualify if we can beat Scotland, who are a good team. We really need to finish our chances better."