JPN - SCO match quotes

Yasushi Yoshida, Japan coach: "I thought we prepared well, and then we played a good game today. Scoring the goal at the end of the first half was very important for us. However, after we scored our third goal, I was disappointed by the let down of the team, and that's something we will need to work on. At half-time I told the players to keep playing the game just as they had, as if it was 0-0 and they had to attack. I just told them to show the spirit that Japanese teams are known for, and that's too attack and pressure the other team. We knew in one-on-one physical conflicts that we couldn't win, so our goal was to move the ball around quickly and avoid those match-ups."

Tommy Wilson, Scotland coach: "I thought they played very well, and we uncharacteristically made a few mistakes which didn't help us. I am sure we will benefit from this match and come back fitter and sharper in the next game and give a better performance. Ultimately, we turned possession away too easily. But, for us, it's the first match of the season, and it's a World Cup game. That makes it difficult, and maybe to play against a team from another confederation, who we don't have experience playing against. The ability to be comfortable with the ball under pressure is a difficult thing and that comes with playing competitive matches. And unfortunately for us, that was the problem. There's no way around that, as the players needed a break after the long season. It's not an excuse, just a reality for us. But, we are a resilient bunch, and we know we can do better."

Atsuto Uchida, Japan defender: "It wasn't an easy game, but there seemed to be a lot of space for us in their half. It was very enjoyable to play well, and we are delighted to start off with a victory."

Atomu Tanaka, Japan midfielder: "We played our own brand of soccer, moved the ball quickly and stuck to our philosophy of attacking. After we went up three goals, we just tried to consolidate and that was when we struggled a bit."

Andrew McNeil, Scotland goalkeeper: "We were not especially nervous before the match. We felt sharp. I'm not sure if we overlooked them a little bit, but they turned out to be a very good side. But, we've only lost one match. There's still two more to play, and obviously we can still go through. Sure, it's disappointing to have such a set back, but that's life and that's football and when you fall down you have to get back up afterwards. And hopefully we will make the most of the opportunity we have left."

Ross Campbell, Scotland forward: "The game was nothing like we're used to, but that's not an excuse. Despite losing today we can still qualify, but now we need three points from our next match against Nigeria. I thought our fans were great, and having them here should have lifted us more than it did."