JPN - NGA match quotes
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Yasushi Yoshida, Japan coach: "It was quite a tough game, but we worked very hard. We had quite a few players making their tournament debuts today, and I think for us it all worked out very well. We showed that we're always getting better as a unit. The players and the team as a whole are gaining more experience, and thus only improving.

The talk around the locker-room before the game was that with a draw we could stay here in Victoria where we're comfortable. This well help us prepare very well for the next match. We were going for a draw as we had to consider the next round. We had some players who were tired after the first two matches, and we had to consider the risk of playing our starters in the match when we are guaranteed a spot in the next round. But, we will go through with confidence."

Ladan Bosso, Nigeria coach: "I knew it was a going to be a good match, and you could really see how strong the sides were today. Of course, we have to change things up in that situation just for to give more boys some experience. I came here with 21 players, and they are all capable of giving us results. We wanted to test out some of them, and I had to give them a chance before the next round. I think fatigue set in for both sets of players because of the weather and the tempo of the game.

We were never prepared to lose the match, and I thought we should win, but it might be a blessing in disguise. The issue of finishing is just a soccer issue, but the most important thing in the game is that you create chances. The chances were there, it was just our finishing. If we had made just one of our chances, we would have taken the three points. So, we know what we need to work on ahead of the next match."

Yohei Fukumoto, Japan captain: "We had a lot of players making their debuts who wanted to impress, and I think that's why it was a game with a lot of chances. We are happy to win the group, but we know the Czechs are a very strong team who play good football, so it will be tough. We came into the competition to try to win it and we still believe we can go all the way."