ARG - CZE match quotes
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Hugo Tocalli, Argentina coach: "I'm not pleased with the result as we always want to win. But as I said before we left Argentina, we were going to come up against a tough side in the Czech Republic. I'm happy with the players' performance and all that was lacking really was the final touch. Our strikers missed chances they usually put away, but I'm confident that won't happen in the games to come. As for our opponents, well, they were well organised and didn't give us any space in the final third. That made it hard for us, and some of the boys also hung onto the ball too long in certain situations."

Miroslav Soukup, Czech Republic coach: "We are very happy with the result. It was important for us to pick up points against the tournament favourites. Argentina controlled the game most of the time, showed why they are world champions and created more chances than we did. Nevertheless, we managed to keep our shape and start the tournament positively. This is a very important day in the careers of all my players."

Sergio Aguero, Argentina striker: "It's very hard to play when your opponents put so many players in defence. We knew it was going to be like that and that they wouldn't give us any space, but that's something we have to work on. Luckily we've got a couple of days to improve on today's performance and stay in the race for the trophy."

Tomas Micola, Czech Republic midfielder: "This is a tremendous success for us. Unfortunately, I missed a great chance at the end. I tried to put it under the keeper, but I just didn't hit it hard enough."

Radek Petr, Czech Republic goalkeeper: "The support from the Argentina fans made the first few minutes very difficult. We got better after that though. I will never forget what it means to play in front of a packed stadium like this. It's something I've never experienced before."